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We are very much interested in reading and publishing your space article. If you have technical writing skills, then you can join us and send your article to us. But for this, we set some guidelines that you should follow to complete the task. We are very much choosy about choosing the right kind of article. So, before sending your article to us, you should proofread this and double-check. Along with that, make sure that you followed all the guidelines set by our company.

What do we expect from you?

We have a huge audience who visit our site regularly to check updated information on technology. We regularly publish the guest posts content from the expert writers. We have writers who are experts in the software development community. We’re looking for Wearable Tech content that defines the future and the existing Top DevOps trends in the IT landscape or presents a new perspective. If you also want to be a part of us, then fill out the form or send us a mail. We respond to all the users and reply to their queries.

What does our audience need from you?

We have a group of writers who visit us to read the information on apple innovation, google evolution, the Internet, It, Mobile & tech, security, Network Management, and technology. Our site is completely user-friendly and visible in the search engines. We post only plagiarism-free and unique content, and that’s why people visit us. Another reason for the success of our site is this it is fully customizable and responsive.

Yes, anyone can access the site in any size of screen, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. Our site gains maximum reachability in the last years because of the quality content. This is all our audience expects from you! The only thing you should keep in your mind is writing quality content on Wireless Networking by measuring all the guidelines. There are many other guidelines that you should know about the company, and those are!

Topics which we cover on our site:

Tech Tips Era is the leading site that offers articles or blogs on apple products that include iPad, iPhone, and iWatch. Along with this, you can write on the internet of things, online entertainment, web apps, search tech, social networking, Online Entertainment. We also post content on mobile technology that includes mobile apps, Top Daas Providers, smartphones, tablets, and wireless networking, Cloud.

We also welcome the articles based on the reviews of any technical product. You can also write articles on cybersecurity, hacking, malware, 5G, and Privacy. When you visit our site, then you can also search the articles on artificial intelligence, Gaming, Health, Space, virtual reality, and home tech. You can also write for women in tech industry and the future!

Content Submission Guidelines

  1. To write mobile apps content for us, you should write strong information that is real. It will be more effective if you use the images, videos, graphs, and statistics in the article. Avoid long introduction in the article and give to the point information. Don’t put unusual and unnecessary words to increase the word length.
  2. Try to include catchy headlines and subheadings on IT Leadership content so that it looks more effective. Try to put bullet points and numbers to define the important points.
  3. You should also include the author bio and define the short details on innovation and data centers so that you could clearly define the opinions.
  4. We welcome those contents of Big Data, which have a maximum word count of almost 800 to1200 words. Try to give in-depth information.
  5. We are not accepting any backlinks and product promotions. We don’t want the articles on the topics that are already posted on our site.
  6. Send the file to us in the word document file. Don’t send this in any format, and before attaching the file, check them.
  7. Your article should be unique and original. Try to write plagiarism-free contents that don’t contain any copyright infringement.
  8. Before sending the content to us, make sure that the content is free from grammatical mistakes.
  9. Try to make the Web Apps, Developers content more interesting by providing a unique featured image with HD Quality with the resolution of 1200px(width) and 675px(height).
  10. Along with this, make sure that the title of the article should be attractive and less than 60 characters.
  11. If you provide us any content that has a hyperlink, then we check that link and remove it from our side if it doesn’t look appropriate for us.

What do we not expect from you?

  1. We don’t accept the articles or blogs on any other background. Write the contents that belong to our site. For this, you can check the site before writing anything into this.
  2. We don’t allow topics and content that look inappropriate for our site. Along with this, we don’t allow copyright content.
  3. It is clearly mentioned that before sending the file, please check the grammatical errors and plagiarism before sending the file to us.
  4. Don’t send the articles which you already wrote for some other clients.

How To Submit Your articles to us?

To submit your article to us, you have to email us or call us and talk with our executives. We will reach back to you soon and revert your mail! So, send the article to our mail. Our team will review the content and get back to you if there is any need for further revisions. We will schedule the date of publishing your post and inform you soon! As a writer, you are always open to suggesting the ideas and improvements you need from us. Never hesitate to write to us.