What Type of Systems are Used For the Monitoring of Employees?


Monitoring of employees through different means of surveillance is quite common practice. Generally, it is done for collecting data on employee performance, attendance, computer, and web usage, etc.

If you have concerns about employees wasting too much time at work, or suspect them sharing confidential data with outsiders, then you need to think about adopting employee monitoring software or any other form of surveillance systems and help yourself out.

Surveillance and monitoring of employees have been around for a long time. However, with the development of technologies, our way of monitoring practices has evolved. Some may even point them as too extreme.

In this write, we will go through some of the means of employee monitoring, see what utilities they include, and how well they serve the purpose.

Employee Monitoring Software

As time goes by, employee monitoring software is getting more demand from all industries, and that is for a good reason! It helps businesses to boost productivity, as well as manage time and projects in a simpler way. It is also a great tool for reducing costs.

Employee monitoring software keeps records of employee login/log out and work hours, allows to analyze performance by checking productive and idle times, and sends periodic pop-ups to keep employees engaged at work.

Not only that, it takes random screenshots of the computers so that you can check if the employees are doing tasks on the right track. Allow your team to work flexible hours with this tool to secure higher productivity.

Monitoring of employees via Keycard

Most organizations now have it. It is unthinkable that an employee is moving around the corporate building without carrying a keycard.

Each of the keycards has a chip inside, which allows the central system to recognize employees and keep track of their accessed areas within the building. When they swipe the card at the door, the door opens and it is the only way they can enter a section of the building. Any fraud attempt will trip the alarm system, preventing crimes.

The software of this chip shows when employees come to work, and which part of the building they are currently staying at. Overall, it is a great addition to the monitoring of employees.

Keycards are effective for tracking time punctuality and job attendance. Moreover, you can always check the logs of the building or premises if a suspicious incident occurs and find the vicinity.

Computer Network Monitoring

Computer network monitoring is important for tracking the traffic within the office network. For this task, companies use a firewall or router. It scans contents and email addresses and secures the network.

These programs are capable of recognizing malicious data or infected computers, and any abnormal activities are detectable with this system.

Many variations of this software are available on the market. You can use some to track who has access to certain files. Additionally, it allows you to check the edit and download history for the selected files.

Email monitoring

Work emails are only made for office work purposes and they should not be used for other activities under any circumstances. If your company uses email hosting services, most possibly you have access to the emails and it lets you and your IT team check on them.

A popular strategy within organizations is employee mail monitoring before sending them out. By filtering them out, you can cut down bandwidth and security risks significantly. Having said that, employers also have to be aware of the fact that some emails are seen as spam even when they are not. For this reason, filtered messages need to be checked from time to time.

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