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Tips to Save on Energy Costs


Financial planning matters a lot, and it comes in handy if you want to save a significant sum of money. For instance, during winter, you can save on utility bills.

Below are tips to save on energy costs that come in handy when it comes to energy saving:

Seal Up the Entire House to Keep the Warm Air in and the Cold Air Out

If you want to seal your house, you should try out weather-stripping and caulking, such that you’ll manage to keep the warm air in. Different DIY techniques help improve your home’s energy efficiency, and you’ll manage to save a considerable percentage on the utility bills. The main focus should be on weather stripping for the doors and windows.

The air that escapes the house should be minimized such that the dampers on the fireplace should be closed when not in use. The kitchen and bathroom fans should be used sparingly. By adhering to such tips, you’ll manage to save on the energy bills.

A Professional Should Test the Energy Efficiency

Different utility firms usually offer an energy audit free of charge, and they can help determine the amount of energy being used in your home. After the audit, you’ll manage to look into how you can increase energy efficiency. First, contact the utility company and look for an auditor that offers their services within your locality.

Use Low Amounts of How Water

Heating water takes up a considerable percentage of the utility bill as per the statistics from the Department of Energy. Fortunately, there are helpful suggestions that help reduce the use of hot water, including ensuring the temperatures are low when using the water heater. Low-fixtures also come in handy. When you opt for cold water, the utility bill will reduce significantly. Keep in mind the cold water will be adequate when cleaning clothes and also removing stains.

Maintain the Appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators should be well maintained. As for the refrigerator, you should keep a close eye on the dryer, washer, and air conditioning unit such that such appliances will run efficiently. If an appliance is not running well, the energy bills will be high.

In some instances, it is advisable to upgrade to an appliance that is energy-efficient. As a result, the energy bills will be low. Energy calculators come in handy in such instances such that you can determine the annual cost of operating some of these appliances.

The Thermostat Should Be Turned Down

When you turn down the thermostat, you’ll save a considerable amount on heating and cooling. The thermostat should operate for at least eight hours a day at a range of seven to ten degrees during the day, which applies to a normal setting. During the eight hours, there is a high likelihood you might be away from your home. For every two degrees, you’ll manage to save a certain percentage on the utility bills.

It is advisable to install a programmable thermostat such that it can start automatically. The programmable thermostat comes in handy when you forget to turn it ON, which means you’ll manage to save on the utility bills. With a programmable thermostat, there is no need to worry about some things considering the thermostat can operate on its own after being programmed.

The Furnaces Should Be Changed Regularly

Another tip on how to save on energy costs is to ensure the furnace is changed regularly. The furnace contributes to the rise of the energy bills. It is advisable to change the filters after three months, which means the furnace will not be overworked. In the long run, you’ll also manage to save on the utility bills. The homes should be dusted such that the dust won’t clog the air filters. You should focus on cleaning ceiling fans such that the air filters won’t be clogged.

Utilizing Free Heat from the Sun

The warmth from the sun can heat your home free of charge. The solar heat ensures the furnace doesn’t have to run for prolonged periods. You can open the curtains facing the west and the south during the day to ensure the interior part of your home is warm enough. At night, you should close the curtains to ensure the heat won’t escape. In the process, you’ll save a considerable amount of energy on the utility bills. Ensure you have adhered to such tips to save on energy costs.

Final Thoughts

The lightbulbs usually consume a considerable amount of energy. As a result, it is advisable to use energy-saving bulbs since they’re cost-efficient. When you install the energy-saving bulbs, you’ll notice that the utility bills have gone down significantly.

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