The Ultimate Cabo San Lucas Travel Guide

Communities in Cabo San Lucas

While I usually write on more ethnic adventures overseas most of us deserve a “holiday” once in a while. Mexico is definitely a cultural destination, however, for a lot of individuals, it is a favorite holiday destination.

Cheap flights, luxury resorts, and adventurous activities are simply a couple of reasons to see the sun-drenched coast of Mexico! We Give luxury Communities in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at an affordable price.

Cabo is renowned for its amazing beaches, lively nightlife, tasty meals along with countless adventure activities! Timeshares are also remarkably well known in Cabo and, though I have never leased through a timeshare, I understand you can discover rentals on a lot of sites at low rates.

A holiday in Cabo could be whatever you use it! Whether you’re searching for an all-inclusive hotel escape or a fun-filled nightlife encounter, Cabo has everything!

Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

The shore is lined with lavish resorts complete with infinity edge pools and five-star spas. You never have to leave the hotel if you don’t wish to! 

I typically never journey elaborate but in the event, you’re able to round up a bunch of friends, traveling with your loved ones, or plan a romantic escape, it cuts the price down dramatically. Additionally, it is possible to rent a vehicle and stay just beyond the primary place in Cabo. 

We went into the regional Costco and stocked up on snacks and cocktail essentials to spare a few dollars. You get a taste of the fantastic life without breaking the bank.

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Nightlife in Cabo San Lucas

Besides the gorgeous resorts and their conveniences, the central place in Cabo is lined with famous restaurants and bars. You are certain to have a wonderful time and may even get groped by one of those cocktail waitresses since they are by with Jello shots. 

Activities in Cabo San Lucas

There’s a whole lot of things to do in Cabo for many ages! There’s world-class golf, game fishing, ATV excursions, Sea-Doo rentals, Surfing, horseback riding, and parasailing to mention a couple! 

It’s possible to arrange excursions and activities online, at your resort or strike up a tour business on the shore. We scored a bundle that included parasailing in the back of a speedboat, a catamaran trip with an ATV tour which took us to a gorgeous private beach.

Other Things to Know

When there are lots of locations in Mexico that are dangerous for travel, popular travel destinations such as Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Cancun stay friendly and fun destinations.

The sunlight is HOT! Don’t believe that since you do not burn off you won’t in Cabo. My buddy got a gnarly heat rash our very first day in the pool and ended up spending the night covered in oatmeal to soothe the pain. Twist on that sun cream and stay hydrated!

There’s space to haggle with excursions and memorabilia, but that is about it. Be street smart about what products and services should price because on occasion you could be receiving the “gringo” cost. Do not attempt to negotiate that your dinner bill but also is skeptical of a clear rip-off.

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