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The Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in On-Demand Businesses

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in On-Demand Business

The world of employment is going through a transformation and it is intense enough to be even called terraforming! There is a growing decline of job creation around the world and the demands from employable skills are increasing by the day.

It might not be possible for the government to create an increasing number of jobs especially when the global economy is plummeting. However, it is always possible to explore new business opportunities by creating your own enterprise or start up.

One of the biggest keys to creating a growing business understands the needs of your prospective customers. All you need to do is study the market and the offerings of the businesses that are thriving in recognition and profit.

At the same time, it should also be insured that starting the business is within your financial power and it does not burn an unwarranted hole in your pocket.

It is quite evident that on-demand business is growing steadily in all markets including Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The scope for on demand is literally infinite! If people need something based on their requirement at a certain point in time and at a certain place, on-demand apps can surely fulfil the utility.

On-demand applications and businesses also open up interesting employment opportunities even for unskilled workers. When Uber heralded a new method of booking cabs, it not only offered employment for software engineers and database managers but also for drivers.

The on-demand market might seem saturated on the surface but there are a lot of untapped areas that still hold a reservoir of profit. We are not even looking at specific markets where there is depth but no width.

Here are a few such businesses that you can capitalize on by creating your app:

Food Delivery

We might not actively think about it but there is no day that passes without food! Given the strenuous lifestyle and the non-availability of time to cook at home, food delivery applications hold on lot of prospect for profit.

When we think about food delivery applications, our thoughts immediately go to words UberEats and Grab. However, such complication does it have to be the starting point of your food delivery app.

You can start with creating an app that lists restaurants in your area along with the phone number. People can order from the restaurant by calling that particular phone number. Since your app is bound to receive more traffic as an aggregator, it will also act as a band building platform for the restaurant.

If you would like to expand on the utility of your app, you can always consider using UberEats clone scripts from reputed vendors. These white label solutions ensure that the basic skeleton of your food delivery app is already built.

All you need to do is customize your app with the right elements of your brand without compromising on the usability.

Food delivery applications can generate quite a lot of employment opportunities and profit. It creates an additional charge for restaurants to maximize their business volume.

It also creates full-time employment opportunities for people who have the skill of riding a motorbike. It can also act as an additional income for students and people who work on shifts.

It might seem that the market is quite saturated with the presence of players like Uber, Deliveroo, Grab, GrubHub, Swiggy, and Zomato. The survival of these parallel players is a resounding testimony to the fact that your business can not only make an entry but also make a profit.

Bottled Water Delivery

Water finds its mention parallel to food, both literally and figuratively. We have all heard of that phrase ‘water water everywhere but not a drop to drink!’

The increased awareness in healthcare and the possibility of spreading of waterborne diseases has considerably increased the demand for clean drinking water. It cannot be denied that people have lost their inhibition in spending money for drinking water.

Drinking water industry can be quoted as an example for industries that have a huge disconnect between the demand and supply. It is played with a lot of intermediaries who considerably increase the cost of the product by the time it reaches the actual customer.

If an application can provide access to pure drinking water right from the manufacturers, it is bound to find instant appeal in urban and semi urban households. The business model is quite similar to food delivery but is a lot less complicated.

For every order, you can get a commission from the manufacturer. The manufacturer retains their volume of business but cuts down on the commissions to be paid to those middlemen.

The business model has opportunities to expand both vertically and horizontally. There are places like institutions, restaurants and offices that might have an ongoing demand for drinking water and that too, in massive volumes.

If your app can facilitate immediate supply of drinking water, it is bound to succeed.

Grocery Delivery

People who work in offices are bound to exhibit different behavioral patterns in the weekends or during holidays! On the weekdays, they do not have time to prepare food and food delivery applications come in to relevance and prominence.

However, in the weekends, there is a lavish availability of time and these people are not only ready to cook their own food but even experiment at times.

Therefore, it cannot be denied that as much as food delivery, there’s a market for grocery supplies as well! There are multiple business models that your app can adopt to deliver groceries.

On one side, you can create a market place where you aggregate a lot of grocery stores in the local area and get the goods delivered to the homes of customers. On the other side, you can also create an exclusive app for specific grocery stores and help them deliver goods to their customers.

The first model can work on a commission basis and it helps small grocery stores establish their business and visibility. If you are grocery store is already established or if you are reputed supermarket or hypermarket, you can opt in to the second type of application.

Since your brand is already built, your customers are likely to download your app without hesitation.


As discussed in the beginning, the opportunities for on demand apps are literally infinite!

Based on the market and the legal restrictions, you can go for multiple services like pharmacy delivery, flower delivery, beauty products delivery, and even alcohol and medical marijuana delivery using applications.

All you need to do is to find the right areas of demand, match it with the magnitude of supply and involve a business model where you are bound to make your profit. With the availability of white label clones, launching your app will never be a hassle!

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