MilesWeb Review: Pros and Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting


WordPress has become a holistic content management system or CMS that is able to create and manage a website. Its popularity is only matched with its easy operability and user-friendly interface that enables you to build interactive websites. Being a CMS based on PHP, it is a free-source application with close to limitless applications for creating a variety of websites like:

  • Business or enterprise websites
  • News websites
  • Web application portal
  • Agency or organizational websites
  • Online shopping portal
  • Online study centers
  • Blog sites
  • Entertainment and recreational websites

Strictly speaking, WordPress websites have no qualms running on a regular hosting server. There will come a time when the website will start getting increased web traffic or have a need to expand operations and support heavier software applications. Still, considering the overall income it generates, it is ill-advised to move to higher and pricier hosting services like VPS or Cloud. It is because if the coding and overall factors like web traffic, software applications, memory, etc., are considered, it is still plausible to continue hosting on a shared hosting platform.

It would require diligence and the technical know-how to configure the hosting settings to continue to run the website smoothly. Sure, you can spend your time tweaking and tinkering with the settings but, it will be counterproductive for managing your online operations.

Many users suffered from this issue and, in time, began searching for the solution. As the saying goes, “Necessity is the mother of creation” hosting providers created a service that resolved this concern as they introduced WordPress hosting.

WordPress hosting is an exclusive service drafted to host only a WordPress website. Just to be clear, WordPress hosting is usually a Linux shared hosting that has pre-installed WordPress and, the settings of the hosting are configured to host the WordPress website more effectively. That is all there is to it! In other words, it is a plug-and-play hosting platform designed for WordPress websites.

Of course, users can directly start building their WordPress site or simply upload it without worrying about configuring the hosting. This service is further enhanced with more features and perks by some providers in the form of managed WordPress hosting service.

Managed WordPress Hosting by MilesWeb

As one of the leading providers in the hosting industry, MilesWeb offers well-endorsed hosting services to its clients. They have a large variety of hosting services to choose from for all kinds of requirements you may have. That said, MilesWeb also provides a specialized version of its WordPress hosting, which goes by managed WordPress hosting service.

With their managed WordPress hosting, users can expect all the features of their regular WordPress hosting. Additionally, the users receive a more guided service as MilesWeb completely takes over the management and maintenance of WordPress hosting.

I have listed and briefed the various Pros and Cons here.


Managed WordPress hosting is an enhanced version of the WordPress hosting service. So, it is obvious there are many features that would make it a better choice amongst the two.

Passive Maintenance

With managed WordPress hosting, MilesWeb takes over the maintenance duties of your hosting. They carry out regular maintenance tasks like cache removal, setting server headers for users, etc. in the background.

The web application in the backend also automatically installs updates for WordPress. MilesWeb has a team of WordPress experts that actively search for and install updated versions of the plugins you use for the website.

With such exhaustive maintenance, your site will run smoothly even if you don’t look after the hosting.

Better Management

The team of experts that looks after the maintenance also manages the overall hosting. It takes into consideration the website’s need and configures the hosting accordingly. They also take daily backups of your website so that you may salvage the data in emergencies. MilesWeb recommends suitable plugins that increase the performance of your website and improves the user experience.

It is way better to leave the management of the hosting and WordPress to some expert than to do it yourself. It saves your time and efforts while saving you from the headache of haphazardly managing all by yourself.

Optimized Performance

The application installed in the backend compresses the media files you upload on your website using gzip compression, which enables faster page loads. The expert team updates the plugins and carries maintenance tasks to ensure the website operates at an optimum level.

Dedicated Support

MilesWeb has great and award-winning customer support. The added charm to it, their support is 100% human and no bot, which is rare among hosting companies. For the clients of managed WordPress hosting, they have a dedicated team to handle their queries. The team consists of individuals certified in WordPress and provides quick and accurate responses to the queries corresponding to WordPress hosting.

The support is available 24/7 for the entire year, even on the holidays.

Choice of Datacenter

Yup! You have a choice to select your server among the internationally located datacenters of MilesWeb. Very few hosting providers have the luxury to provide datacenter choice for their WordPress hosting.


The plans for the managed WordPress hosting services of MilesWeb are exactly the same for its Linux shared hosting services. You can start your managed WordPress hosting with MilesWeb at ₹40.

Here are the plans for MilesWeb’s managed WordPress hosting services:


The pros of managed WordPress hosting completely overshadow the “cons” of it. The reason I am even putting these cons is just for the sake of content.

Lesser Control

Being a completely managed hosting service, the hosting’s control and administrative authority rest with the provider, MilesWeb. It is similar to shared hosting, except for the changes and configurations in the hosting are also done by MilesWeb and not you.

No Learning Experience

Managed WordPress hosting leaves no room for newbies to learn more about hosting and WordPress. With a team to look after the maintenance and management, there is nothing else for the user to do other than to focus on the website content and other non-hosting tasks.

Is the Managed WordPress Hosting for You?

Managed WordPress hosting is a value-added service meant for small and medium businesses and individuals with no technical background. Obviously, it adds more value to the regular shared hosting making it more acceptable for SMEs that cannot afford the time or personnel to manage the hosting in-house.

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