Is working in private equity worth it?


The fast moving, dynamic atmosphere of PE firm can offer executives a novel career chance and really enticing reward. It is not a job for faint hearted person. Managing a private equity firm brings novel set of opportunities and challenges for senior executives. PE firms offers a degree of freedom and generous compensation that is unmatched by the public held corporation. PE firm investors concentrate on results and does not tolerate underperformance.

If the results are not in favour they want fast turnover of management groups. Private equity executive search happens to find out executives who are centred, driven and willing to roll up sleeves to take up serious matter and try to enhance the portfolio of the company. For better management they implement strategic amendments, grow the company to the highest level and easily align with board. PE firms invest their money in companies for 4 to 7 years. They take the profit and exit.

PE backed firm provide executive the chance to work with a fervent owner who can give support that is required at the very start. PE owners can open doors to a broad network of consultants who can facilitate driven performance of the firms. Small PE firms have small management group they can to implement change fast and improve their performance quickly. They can change wide range of company activities than any other public owned firms.

To achieve accomplishment PE executives should have clear and cooperative relationship with PE owners. Private equity executive search looks for experience. Interaction between PE owners and managers are more targeted at the very first. At the early stage PE owners works closely with managers to implement strategic amendment, organisational design and processes to track performance and later in the time of exit.

PE firms has less number of directors. The number and composition of board shows company’s motive at different time of holding period. Board members of PE firms come to the meeting fully prepared. They have equal level of commitment to the company.

They make board meetings more efficient and setup the pace. They can bring operating partners with the expertise who can engage with the portfolio management at the atomic level. They can also bring consultants to assist management and implement value acceleration of the company.

With best intentions relating roles and responsibilities and differing opinions at times lead to tensions between management group and PE owners for the reason of:

  • Variations of opinion relating planning

  • Break down in transparency and accountability

  • Poor result in business

PE owners have positive effect on the performance and enables to get success in the role. When it involves compensation PE firms incentivised their managers from the very start. This is one among the elemental reason to get success.

The management encourages to invest alongside PE owners. Package for senior executive and managers gets significant portion of equity. PE firms align with business interest of owners and managers. On the basis of their investment management gets outsized amount of returns by upper side leverage.

Employment in PE firms:

Enticing remuneration package and competition for position in the private equity firms are high. Expertise across different field in running a corporation is highly valued in equity firms. Private equity managers should have the ability and willingness tackle problems in all sections of the firms. Previous experience in equity jobs gives an advantage in getting a job in equity firms.

Situation based experience like turn around and implementation of strategies that aligns with company’s particular needs gives bonus. To be successful in executive jobs the person should have the will to take risks and implement changes, revisits strategies and tactics. They should have ability to implement difficult decision. They should have the ability to develop strong relationship. They should engage with the board at difficult times to find out solutions.

In PE firms executives get chance to test every professional skill in portfolio. They can create difference in the company and can execute the decision fast. Improvements holds attraction in the job of private equity executives. They should cooperate with specialist and owners time to time. Business intelligence and fast paced work gives worthy reward in the job of executive in private equity.

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