How to Hire Excellent Sales Executives for Business?

Executive Sales Recruitment


Sale is a field of great opportunities for individuals to make a name for themselves accompanied with great monetary gain. For a good executive sales recruitmenthe must be equipped with the vivid skill set to be a valuable asset for the company employing them. 

For any position in the company regarding sales, it is a must to identify the sales background, experience, and skill-set of the potential candidate for the position in the company. 

The demand for potential Executive Sales Recruitment is more or less the same as finding prospective customers. Go with it if you find a great deal of talent or skill-set in a potential sales executive recruitment. 

It means more or less nothing for every business out there without a good sales team and rep. There is a saying that if sales are the heart of the business, then surely reps must be its heartbeat. This surely is enough to convey the importance of sales for a business. It’s nothing to be taken lightly in a business. 

Every firm needs a good and effective plan to hire executive sales recruitment for their business to sustain as long as it can. Market trends say that the annual attrition rate in sales is around 25%. In layman’s terms, for any business with a sales team of 10 sales reps, three will call quit in your company within a year. 

The hiring process must be conducted smartly and healthily to ensure your attrition rate sees a rise in your sales performance. 

These listed below are the steps that need to be followed to hire sales executive recruitment for your business and ensure the longevity of the business:

 Create a Recruitment Profile 

Every individual is different from others, even in sales which is a demanding field. That’s why it becomes necessary to identify the great from the good in terms of their sales background, experience, and skills necessary for the job/role. The important thing is to make the sales executive recruitment lead this whole process.

What traits do you need to require in an individual? This is answered by obtaining the answer for these simple to ask questions from the sales team:

  1. What are the common traits that give them success?
  2. What motivates them?
  3. What is their style?
  4. What is their sales background?

These answers very much narrow down the requirements and shortlist the ideal candidate while hiring these. Research proves that these are the traits commonly found in successful individuals:

  1. Curiosity: They are ever curious about getting more information about everyday prospects. They ask open-ended questions.
  2. Hardworking: They are ever ready to put extra effort every time.
  3. Intelligent: They master the subject in which they operate.
  4. Successful records: They have a great track record in their past endeavors.
  5. Receptive to feedback: They deal greatly with feedback.

Job Description 

One thing needs to be etched in stone for sales goals: to invest ample time to create an attractive and engaging job description: One that’s written greatly, sells the company motto very well, and the position to the point. Common mistakes include: 

  1. Boring job descriptions and unclear job requirements: should be original and must not detect plagiarism.

  2. Writing non-existent work experience and desired skills: The sign of skepticism must be too perfect to be true work experiences and almost too unreal to achieve. Remember, the perfect candidate is a myth. No one is perfect.

  3. Usage of too vague terms like “self-starter,” “strong business background,” “ highly motivated,” etc. They convey nothing and are usually just all talk and no substance. The real deal will always use absolute or accurate job descriptions and must be prioritized over these unreal guys.
Inform the Applicants for a Mock Presentation

The individual applying for the sales rep job should have excellent presentation skills and speech delivery at their disposal. Freshies are excluded as they have no prior experience in this competitive field of work. 

But this is quite the opposite for veterans in this field of work. The thing to look out for in both of these variants is their efforts into their skill-set and line of work to deem fit as the potential individual to be selected. 

The endgame is to give them a product to sell and see their efforts. Various open-ended questions are the cherry on top for them to showcase their skills verbally and pour their brain out in front of the panel. These open-ended questions include:

  1. Confidence
  2. Addressing objections
  3. Closing pitch
  4. Follow up, etc.

Every person can make out the things in relation with sales executive recruitment. Even further, you can prefer to note down the job profile and more as mentioned here side. 

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