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Get Customizable Gojek Clone Script & Stamp Your Online Presence in The Multi-service Sector Similar to The Gojek App

Gojek clone app

Before you want to build an app like Gojek, a multi-service app, it is essential to know why it has gained this popularity among many multi-service apps existing in the market.

Okay, before we move on, let us know what Gojek is all about.


It is a startup from Jakarta in Indonesia. The app helps connect drivers to multiple riders, offers food delivery, enables payment via e-wallet features, and provides many other services.

The name Gojek comes from the term ‘Ojek’ motorbike taxis, which are widely seen all over Indonesia. It was founded in the year 2010 by Nadiem Makarimwith with only 20 motorbike drivers.


Nadiem worked at the well-known McKinsey consulting for three years before starting Gojek. It began in a small call center with 20 Ojek bike riders. Their beginning is as simple as that.

How big is Gojek now?

  • When it was launched, the value for money metric score of Gojek was only 4.4. After one month, it elevated to 16.4
  • Also, the customer score or rank of Gojek was only 1 during the beta launch. At present, the customer rank of Gojek is 22.3
  • Since its launch, the estimated value of Gojek is around $10 billion, and it has raised more than $1billion of funding.
  • The company expanded its business, and now Gojek is operating its business in Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia.
  • The average age of employees working in Gojek was 28 years, and as of June 2018, 1894 employees were working for the renowned multi-service company, Gojek.
  • Currently, there are more than 2 million drivers registered on Gojek
  • Gojek is offering various on-demand services, and for each, they have an app. To be precise, they are providing 18 app-based on-demand services.
  • Currently, it processes more than 100 million transactions for 25 million monthly active users.

How it all started? 

Nadiem was a frequent traveler in Ojek. He found out that the drivers spend their time waiting for their riders and have observed riders waste time and make them wait walking around looking for an available Ojek.

Tada! That is how the idea evolved. It is now a huge hit because they implemented that idea into an app, Gojek. This app was developed exclusively to solve the above-addressed problem by helping drivers and riders connect efficiently. This majorly helped drivers to improve their earnings.

It initially started as a ride-hailing service, but now it has evolved and changed its inner operatives matching the current trends and user needs.

It still sustains in the market because it never fails to solve user problems. If any exists, that is taken care of by the Gojek app. Justifying this point, again, Gojek is now evolved to provide on-demand transport & lifestyle services according to the needs of the cities.

With this idea, Nadiem launched Gojek app in January 2015. Now, the app has more than 130 million downloads.

Even while launching, he would not have thought about his app hitting a huge success in the business sector.

How has it become a hit? 

  • Solves a real problem

It solves the real problem. The company has this saying on their website, ‘ the welfare and livelihoods of the Indonesian people,’ meaning solving real problems.

If you have ever been to Indonesia, you would have known one of the biggest challenges they face daily is getting from one place to another within crowded cities like the capital, Jakarta. 269 million consumers hesitate to order things online as inter-island transport for deliveries is slow and quite expensive.

Gojek has become a huge hit because it directly tapped into the need for a ride-sharing service at the right time, thus making it easier to find and pay a driver. Later it has expanded into 18 verticals.

Now, consumers turn to Gojek not just for ride-hailing but also for services including food delivery, courier services, ticketing, cleaning, massage services, etc.

Even after the company’s expansion, they are focused and never go out of track on making things easier for its users. Resulting from that, Indonesian consumers have downloaded the app 130 million times by now.

  • Understanding the market

Gojek understood and still understands the market and tailors its services accordingly.

Also, for its new business expansion in Vietnam and Thailand, the company has permitted the local teams to choose whether or not to use their parent brand name. They chose to keep Go-Viet for Vietnam & Get in Thailand.

According to the latest TechCrunch report, the estimated value of the app(Gojek) is around $10 billion as of February 2019. It ranks top among all the powerful brands in Indonesia and ranks in the top 3 most efficient & powerful transportation and logistics brands.

Now, let us discuss how Gojek manages their business, handling 1 million drivers with only 12 engineers.

How were their initial days? 

In the initial years of Gojek, their working module was completely manual. If a customer wants to request a service, they need to call the Gojek team, and the team assigns the drivers by checking the shift-time for each driver in an excel sheet. That was how their journey started.

How has it evolved? 

As the business grew, they developed an app for their business that runs on a Java platform. However, the algorithm they used in the app to assign drivers to the requested users soon went extinct as the riders and users count was still growing.

But, the team kept on trying without giving up, and they kept peeling the onion until they wrote a new and efficient algorithm. At present, human involvement is minimal in their business.

All crucial tasks which take hours for a person to finish manually are finished within a few seconds due to their newly generated algorithm.

For your business 

We have skilled and professional developers who have years of experience developing powerful algorithms to help you in writing & implementing such an efficient algorithm for your clone app like Gojek that fits your business needs and preferences.

For the Gojek clone script, we have written an algorithm that can fulfill all your business processes and activities.

These numbers and their unbelievable growth can make any businessperson or a dedicated entrepreneur start an on-demand service company like them. However, don’t hesitate by looking at the mightiness of such successful businesses.

Knowing the challenges is crucial because it helps you face and solve upcoming challenges as you start working on them. The way you handle and hurl back the challenges will define the success of your business.

Challenges you need to know before building an app like Gojek 

  • User/Customer acquisition

Initially, when you start a business, acquiring customers can take long, and what makes it more challenging as a startup company is to make sure the cost to acquire a customer (CAC) is as low as possible to keep your business away from financial instability.

  • Solution

Multi-service business is not a new concept in the market; hence a new on-demand service provider company must pull out all the stops to acquire and maintain their initial customers/users.

They will help you achieve success in the long term. Many startups and companies failed to sustain their initial users during their first two years and have walked out of their business.

Join hands with us!

To acquire your initial customers, opt for an online marketing campaign. When you develop your app with us, the leading clone app development company, we help you throughout your journey by standing by your side, providing endless support, and helping you retain your app users even after the app is launched.

Following are the basic features you will get in your Gojek clone app from our Gojek clone script.

User-app features 

  • User profile

This feature allows your users to add, update, and edit their details like name, profile picture, contact details, etc.

  • Exploring services

Our Gojek clone helps your users to reach multiple services easily. From the home screen of your app, they can explore and choose the services enlisted on the app.

  • Scheduling

Users can always schedule the booking to avoid the last-minute hassle no matter what services they select.

  • Real-time tracking

This remarkable feature in our clone app permits users to track and know the location of their service providers and ETA.

This increases efficiency as it helps both riders and drivers to know the location of each other.

  • Feedback

Users and service providers can rate each other using this feature for transparency.

  • Payment options

We integrate multiple payment gateways in the app enabling users to process their transactions securely.

  • Bill estimator

Users can view the estimated money they will have to pay before booking a service.

  • In-app alerts

Our Gojek clone app enables users to receive messages via push notification. If they don’t want to be notified, they can disable it.

  • Booking history

Users can see the neatly organized and well-documented history of their bookings, payment history, etc., with just a single click.

  • Promo codes

This remarkable feature in our Gojek script acts as a marketing asset. It permits users to book a service with a discounted price when the promo code is applied.

Service provider app features 

  • Provider’s profile
  • Availability toggle
  • Accept/Decline a request.
  • Navigation
  • Earning report

Admin panel features 

  • Heat map
  • Payment report
  • Progress report
  • Cost management
  • User management

Avoid the following shortcomings while developing your Gojek clone app 

Gojek is also facing some loopholes in deploying its services.

Though it claims to have completed more than 2 million successful trips in the last two months in Thailand and have more than 20,000 merchants for food services on their platform, however, their users are facing issues as the restaurants listed in their app does not show their menu, and this forces the customer to input the items they want which makes using the app complicated.

Also, the customers had complained about the problems/loopholes they faced in the transport sector as the car arrives late or the booking is not shown properly when they most needed it. 

How can we help you build your Gojek clone app? 

Our readymade and easily launchable script for the Gojek clone app is built with trending technology and helps you launch an app swiftly at a budget-friendly cost.

However, the app stores (Play Store & Apple store) don’t add similar apps like the original ones. Even if we do so, your app will lead to fewer users than the original Gojek app.

Our team understands the above issue, and our dedicated researchers have found a solution that helps you include numerous unique and elite features that you can give your users through your clone app apart from food delivery and ride-sharing.

Our skilled professionals and developers have expertise in building and launching such Gojek clone apps successfully, power-packed with the current trending technology.

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