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Anthony Constantinou explain role of SEO in generating online traffic to a website

Anthony Constantinou

For those who are not acquainted with the acronym SEO it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is an online tool that is utilized to find products, services or information that anybody surfing the web is looking for.

For those who want Internet related terms’ meanings and explanations they can use the search engines available online to look up their meanings. SEO is specifically created so as to optimize websites as per the guidelines laid down by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

What is the connection of SEO with online traffic generation to any website? Well for this you need to spare the time to do a fair bit of research. You can go online and search the Web for techniques, guidelines, tips etc. to maximize the benefits of using SEO.

By searching for and using information found online it will assist in devising a strategy to optimize your website so as to attract traffic.

When you are creating content for your site to promote products or services that you sell, you will need to use the appropriate words in it that will attract prospective customers to your site.

Anthony Constantinou CWM says, “The best way to accomplish this is by reading articles related to the product or service you intend to sell, check out sites of the same niche market and try to locate the latest keywords for your web page”. You could also make use of an experienced SEO content writer to do it for you.

It may seem like a lot of work initially but if you want to be successful in online marketing you will need to do the same. This is not a one off process as you will need to tweak your site on a regular basis. You know that it needs to be done when you are not getting an adequate stream of online traffic to it.

You might need to redraft the content of the website and make changes to the keywords and key phrases that are used in it. You also might need to search for more effective keywords that will attract traffic to your site.

With the growth of online marketing there is formidable competition in the markets so your business needs to stand out. The most effective way to do this is by being in the first top ten rankings of search engine listings.

If that is not achievable initially, you will have to find a way to figure in the second or third page at the least. By being in the top listings the possibility of being clicked on by visitors is greatly increased and gives your business a better chance of being visible and of conversions.

Once you manage to achieve top billing do not get complacent, as the Internet is one of the most dynamic areas to do a business with changes occurring on a daily basis.

Keep a daily check on where your rankings are as you have to be wary of your business rivals so as not to be superseded by them.

The purpose of using SEO is to drive high volumes of online traffic to your site. Remember the site must be easily accessible both to online search engines as well as prospective customers. This will help your business to make more conversions and lead to higher profits.

Anthony Constantinou share some good SEO Tips to enhance visitor traffic

For those who are new to online marketing search engine optimization or SEO can be confusing for them to get a grasp of initially.

Of course it is vital for anyone who has blog or website to try and develop a basic understanding of it especially if a site is used as a means of revenue generation. It just takes a bit of time and effort to boost the levels of traffic to a site.

Once you have the fundamentals and tools in place you are already to increase the flow of traffic. SEO mainly depends on use of keywords to successfully improve online visibility and rankings. However there should not be anything in excess of twenty percent of a site’s content containing keywords.

A good option is to use a pay-per-click strategy as an effective affiliate marketing method.  It is pretty simple to implement and can be used as a form of revenue generation. If you want to be ranked high with search engines you need to facilitate the web spiders by being easily accessible.

Anthony Constantinou CWM FX says, “You can create a site map which directs them with ease around your site, and they will be able to index your web page more easily using the keywords.”

Having a site map, helps them to identify which parts of a site are of importance. When selecting a domain opt for one that that is related to your product and easy to remember.

Proofreading is a task that surprisingly many website owners tend to overlook to their detriment. Always check your site to ensure that both visitors and search engines can easily read and understand the information present at your site.

Poor quality content or frequent errors will result in search engines sidelining your website. The site map must have appropriate keywords as it makes it easy for users to navigate a website. As easy access counts in being ranked with search engines, care need to be taken to ensure it is so.

You can also create and publish content that is original on a frequent basis. Set yourself a target as to the number of posts or articles that you will publish on a weekly or monthly basis and stick to it.

Search engines look for web pages that have new content on a frequent basis and give preference to such sites. If you want high rankings for your blog or site you need to have regularly updated content.

SEO is the key to any online business’s success and optimizing a site using the right SEO techniques and measures will result in top rankings with all the major search engines. It will attract more prospective clients and increase a business’s profits.

Anthony Constantinou share some tips to check online rankings for a web business

When it comes to online traffic generation they are directed through the following ways. a) Paid advertisement referrals b) direct referrals c) search engine referrals d) website referrals.

Whenever there are direct visits it is as a result of an online user already having knowledge of a business web address (URL) and they enter the same address in their web browser.

In case of a website referral this occurs when a visitor clicks on a link at a site and is transferred to another website. Anthony Constantinou CEO CWM FX says, Paid advertisements are referrals that happen when an online user clicks on text or an image ad that has been paid for and is directed to a site.

Search engine referrals are those where websites rank high up with search engine listings of major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and are seen by online users who then click on the link.

When it comes to increasing the numbers of visitors to any site i.e. online traffic there are numerous strategies that can be adopted. For search engine site traffic, the plan would be optimizing a site so as meet search engine requirements.

Anthony Constantinou says, “This is not a one off process and you will need to regularly tweak your site and keep a close watch on online rankings to ensure that other competitors have not overtaken your business’s ranking online.”

When it comes to checking online rankings there are two ways by which this exercise could be carried out. You can go ahead and do it manually or opt for the automated method. In either of the two options you will need to begin with a list of 8-10 keywords for which you would want your website to rank highly.

It is vital to select appropriate keywords to be successful so be very choosy about your choice. The ways in which you can check your rankings are:

For a manual check pull up a search engine query box in your browser using Google, Yahoo or MSN etc. and enter the first keyword and begin the search. After the results pull up, manually check and verify the results on each page.

Mostly there are 10 results ranked per page and if your site is not ranked within   the first 3 pages, it means you will lose out on business opportunities.

The second option is to conduct an automated check online utilizing any free or paid ranking checker application. It functions the same, but has some benefits.

You can first check your rankings on multiple search sites at once and these are checked automatically up to the first 300 positions or more as per the software used.

By checking your rankings on a periodic basis you will be able to track your progress as you rise in rankings and also increase your site traffic. Make it a point to record your progress so as to be able to make further improvements in it.

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