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6 Tools to Make You a Successful YouTuber

Successful YouTuber

Becoming a YouTuber has become a sort of acceptable ambition these days. It’s not such a bad thing either. You can make good money, actually enjoy your job, and become well-known and maybe even famous! However, becoming a good YouTuber isn’t an easy task.

There are some things you need to work on and incorporate into your video making to strike gold in the YouTube industry.

Today YouTube is one of the greatest infotainment sources, with mass content being uploaded every second. You should note that videos cannot be downloaded through youtube offline. You can download videos through twitch using

To make sure that your content appears to your targeted audience on the platform, you can use several tools to optimize your content. You can increase the traffic to your channel.

Is there a greater pleasure than seeing your YouTube channel blossom?

As the country’s second search engine, YouTube is flooded with hundreds of thousands of

channels. And some of them keep creating brilliant content every day. As a result, the rivalry to

be the best Vlogger or YouTuber is on the rise.

So, unless you do something, the greatest possibility is that your channel will be a target of

Alienation. But with the right YouTube software by your hands, nothing can be unlikely.

To help you avoid this situation, we’ve given you a list of tools that will help you maximise your

Audience and sales while giving you clever ways to improve your productivity.

The first basic requirement to make a good YouTube video is having decent equipment. This doesn’t mean you have to spend loads of money on a DSLR camera and a tripod stand. Even cheap phones today can handle 4K video recording.

Getting a good phone is a worthwhile investment even if you don’t make YouTube videos, so it isn’t a big deal. Additionally, a simple phone mount would work wonders in improving the video quality. If one wants, a small, clip-on mic would wrap things up well and make the video miles high above usual.

Once the video making requirements are over, you can focus on the video itself. The first step to making a quality video is to be clear on what content you wish to make videos about.

Common content genres include cooking, gaming, electronic reviews, and entertainment. Once you are clear, you can proceed with making videos and coming up with content.

If you choose to make cooking videos, you first must think about how you wish to present the content to viewers. Will you choose a cooking-show style of presentation, or maybe a real-time point-of-view style of video? If you choose the former, it would make more sense to impress the audience with some new, different styles of dishes.

A bit of humour and a dash of entertainment won’t hurt either. The latter style would suit more everyday dish tutorials. A simple, to-the-point video with clear step by step instructions would be useful to consumers who are learning how to cook.

Mixing up styles isn’t a bad idea either. It all comes down to whether the target audience would be satisfied or not.

The next important tool one needs in their arsenal is good scriptwriting. Keeping the watchers hooked with a perfect pace and execution is a top priority for being an excellent YouTuber. The key to this is to come up with a proper script for each video you make. However, this doesn’t have to be thorough.

Some people work with just headings and coming up with things to say on the spot. Others have more control with a full-fledged script that covers the entire video. Choosing this is up to you.

Another important point to note is managing the length of your video well. The attention span of most people gets shorter each day. Research shows that people tend to enjoy small, crisp videos more than long, drawn-out ones.

Having a short video, but packing it full of information is a great way to maximise views. Nonetheless, making long videos isn’t irrelevant. Going back to our original cooking channel example, a great long video would be making a food review. The video can be split into a few 3-minute segments with your thoughts on different food items.

A small intro and outro would be a perfect way to wrap it up. Making a 15-minute-long video on a topic that takes just 5 minutes to explain is one of the most hated kinds of videos by the watchers.

Lastly, editing videos to be more entertaining and informational is crucial. Most famous YouTubers have an iconic intro and outro clip, which fans enjoy very much.

Spending a few seconds at the end of each video, asking viewers to subscribe and like, along with a personalised goodbye message is also a common tactic that works well.

While making a video, having images pop-up when referring to something, or a small clip of a meme or a gif when making a joke is a great way to interest viewers and keep their attention. It also breaks away from the monotony of continuous talking.

Some channels love peppering their videos with some beautiful scenery shots or small videos of nature during a pause. This can be individualised, but including it is a great addition.

Most famous YouTubers started out having very few views. Even then, their passion never wavered, and they continued to work harder, improve the quality of their videos and editing, and become more and more famous.

Even now, with millions of subscribers, they don’t sit back and relax. They continue to find ways to make better content that’s more enjoyable and fun. This is what separates the mediocre from the virtuosos.

To finish off, let’s go through the main tools once more. Having good equipment, being clear about your desired genre, making a good script, managing video length properly, and editing with grace are all it takes to become a better YouTuber.

The most important tool, however, is having fun and staying passionate. Staying informed and being up-to-date with your fan base is the best way to gain more fans.

Here are the most amazing and easy to use tools for you to make you a successful YouTuber.

1) Use Keywords for your video title

The first simple thing you can do is to add a title with keywords. E.g., if you are gonna make a video on the features of the iPhone 12. Just ensure that the title is catchy and should be able to come to most people’s minds.

Keep titles that you think will coincide and relate with people’s obvious thinking patterns. For this, you can use “KEYWORD TOOL,” “KEYWORD KEG” and there are many other options as well.

2)  Attractive Thumbnail

For catchy and attractive thumbnails, you can check out a website known as “Canva.” A good thumbnail needs to be more descriptive than the title and should be creative to let the audience guess by covering what will be inside the video before they click. This website is mostly free to use for users, but there are several paid features as well.

3) Interacting with the Audience

Being active on your channel at the initial stage is the most crucial part of your successful journey towards becoming a pro-YouTuber. For that, you need to interact with the audience you are attracting to your channel in a way giving reply to their comments, hitting the like button on the comments if not replying and so on.

To make the task easier, you can check out “Tube buddy” online, which even helps you in the optimization of your video as well.

4) Getting Insights

Use “VidlQ” for getting knowing what type of audience you are attracting and what sort of age group is watching your videos, though you can get insights on Youtube itself but with this along with another site “Drumup” you can get to promote your channel on several platforms at just a single click and a single time without hassling about going on different platforms and doing all that stuff.

5) Putting right keywords and tags

To optimize your content on YouTube, there must be tags and keywords, and deciding tags and writing them is a tough job, isn’t it? For getting that problem solved, you can use “Rapid tags,” which will give you suggestions for tags, and you can select it, and your work is done.

6) Moderating comments

Smart Moderation is another tool that will remove profane comments and protect the channel from people trying to lower your channel grading in real-time. This tool does not delete the comment, but it smartly keeps that particular comment aside from human review.

The software supports multiple languages and can be used by any sort of content producers from any corner of the world.

These are the best tools you can use for your YouTube channel and video optimization and don’t forget to follow the link for knowing how to edit your video in the easiest way.

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