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5 Best Websites for Work-From-Home Jobs


One difference that the recent pandemic has brought is to have an open mind for the kinds of jobs available in the market. Before the Covid hit the world, most people in society had one perception towards their career success. To graduate from reputed institutions and join bigger firms! But during the pandemic, when the world stood still. We saw changes in work culture even with those fortune 500 firms.

Most of the employees were asked to work from home. It did make a positive impact on work-life balance. People got back to their hometowns and began to work within the comfort of their homes. Meanwhile, some have continued working for their respective companies. Others have introspected into searching for jobs that match their requisites better than the current ones.

If you are one amongst those, who want to ditch their usual 9-5 jobs and dive into other types of employment.

Here are some websites that can help:

1) Upwork 

It is one of the leading websites for freelancers. It is a famous platform for any person who wants to test the waters of freelancing. It provides jobs in multiple genres. From virtual assistant to technical and non-technical jobs, voice-over, content writing, etc.

Upwork takes a 20% cut from your gigs initially. However, the percentage decreases as and when your pay increases. Upwork has intensive algorithms that help you to check as many new postings as possible. It provides you with free credits and, every job you apply for it takes a minimum of 2 credits. You don’t have to worry about scams here as the employer payment mode is always verified.

2) GetEmail.io

This website is more of a helpful tool for you to get access to the official email addresses of any person working in a given company. GetEmail.io is a massive platform to gain access to the email addresses of anyone belonging to any company around the world. It has an extensive database with the help of AI. GetEmail.io can find email addresses in just a matter of seconds.

Another beneficial aspect is that it has a google chrome extension to Linkedin. So, when you search for any profile in Linkedin and can’t access their email address, you can click on GetEmail’s button to get the contact. It is especially beneficial for you if you’re searching for a job in a specific company but can’t find any leads.

3) Home with the kids

This website is pretty ideal for stay-at-home moms and dads. If your children need your constant attention, but you also need to make a quick buck, this is the right website for you. It provides part-time and full-time jobs in different categories.

You can find jobs like language translators, technical as well as non-technical writer, coder, medical transcriptionist, etc. This website also provides valuable insights about money management, stay at home tips. These blogs can be helpful to learn the home management hacks!

4) We Work Remotely

It is a free website for any job seeker. It is also one of the top websites to find remote jobs ideal for companies as well as freelancers. It is a no-nonsense website and guarantees you from online scams and surveys. We work remotely – the website has a wide variety of jobs that includes the departments such as customer support, marketing & sales, business & executive management, programming & designing.

This website doesn’t handle resumes directly. It rather provides you with the employer’s link where you can upload your cover letter and resume. Once short-listed, the employers will get in touch with you for further processing. So, here are the websites that you can utilize in getting a work-from-home job.

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